AP Schools August Month Calendar & Syllabus 2023-24

As per AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 Released by AP SCERT, All State Board Schools Follow the Syllabus given month-wise. Here is the August 2023 Month Syllabus and Academic Plan.

Total Number of Days in the Month31
Number of Working Dates25

The school club activities are prominent spaces for children to get engaged with various co-curricular activities for their holistic development. This platform helps the children to equip themselves with necessary competencies like physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, spiritual and vocational development, to perform better in their classroom. For the same, clubs will be formed in all the schools such as Language / Literary Club, Environmental Club, Health club, Cultural Club, Science, Mathematics Club, etc.


  • Enhance interest and curiosity among students toward practical knowledge of the subjects
  • Increase aptitude for thinking and foster imagination and creativity among the students
  • Inculcate various democratic values and qualities like tolerance, equality, liberty, citizenship, secular beliefs, etc.
  • Improve LSRW skills among students by inculcating their interest in story reading, writing, and other literary activities
  • Provide students with a collaborative and engaging environment to come together and engage in literary activities

AP SCERT August Month Plan 2023

Competitions : Competitions will be conducted for students and teachers and teacher educators : 3 levels

Students level- I Students level- II Students level – III3 to 5
6 to 8
9 to 12
Story reading, Drawing
Story reading, Story writing, Drawing Story writing, Review writing, Drawing
Teachers and Teacher EducatorsPrimary, Upper Primary, and High school, DIETs
Review writing

AP SCERT August Month Syllabus 2023 for 1st – 5th Class

1st CLASSపడవ, చందమామరావే, పద్యరత్నాలు 1వ
పాఠ్యపుస్తకం లోని పాఠాలకు
అనుబంధంగా సాధన పుస్తకం లో అభ్యాసాలు
1.2. My Body Parts
2. My Family
Numbers (0 – 9)—-Growth & developmentArthakati chakrasana
Fundamental motor skills
2nd CLASSవాన, చిలకల్లారా చిలకల్లారా, పద్యరత్నాలు
1వ పద్యం
* పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
ధనపుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
1B. Let’s Play
2A. May I Help You?
Shall we count Let us Add——Draw mirror images, Paper cuttings, Stick puppet, Swarajati.Our daily foodArthakati chakrasana
Fundamental motor skills
3rd CLASSమంచి బాలుడు.
పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధనపుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
The Recipe BookNumbers3.Animals around us, 4.Our BodyDraw body parts, Paper cuttings, Leather puppets, Swarajati, Keeratanalu.Awarness on our environmentArthakati chakrasana
Fundamental motor skills
4th CLASSదేశమును ప్రేమించుకున్నా
పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
ధనపుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
Major Dhyan ChandLarge Numbers3.Animals Around Us, 4.Sense OrgansDraw designs on bed sheets, Saries, Calligraphy, Leather puppets, Keeratanalu.Different types of foodsArthakati chakrasana
Fundamental motor skills
5th CLASSకొండవాగు
* పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధనపుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
My Sweet MemoriesMy Number World3.Cloths We Wear, 4.Know our organ systems,Draw desings of building & houses, Plate puppets, Glove puppets, Keeratanalu.Environmental hygieneArthakati chakrasana
Fundamental motor skills

AP SCERT 6th to 10th August Month Syllabus 2023

10th CLASS
TELUGUమాకొద్దీ తెల్లదొరతనం, జాతీయ ప్రతిజ్ఞ నిర్మాత
పైడిమర్రి వెంకట సుబ్బారావు, సుందరకవి
శంకరంబాడి సుందరాచారి
చిన్ని శిశువు, కోటప్పకొండ ప్రభల తిరునాళ్లు
రొట్టెల పండుగ
నాయాత్ర, పోతులూరి వీరబ్రహ్మం, నేదునూరి
| గంగాధరం, వడ్డాది పాపయ్య
హరివిల్లు, రంగస్థలం, ఉన్నవ దంపతులు
ధన్యుడు, శతక మధురిమ
HINDIतितलीआदिवासी नृत्य धिंसा, हम नन्हें ब्गीतदोहे, तुम कब जाओगे-अथिति
कण-कण का अधिकारी, लोकगीत
ENGLISHUnit 3 – Taro’s Reward……… & The Quarrel
(Poem)…. The Friendly Mongoose(SR)….
Unit 3 – Gopal and the Hilsa Fish… & The Shed (Poem)…& Bringing up Kari (SR)….Unit 3 – Glimpses of the Past…& Children at work (SR)…Unit 3 – The Little Girl……………………………. & Rain on the Roof
(Poem)…. & The Adventures of Toto (SR)….
Unit 2 – Wit and Humour : & B. The Dear Departed (Part II) C. The Brave Potter
MATHSPlaying with Numbers Basic Geometrical IdeasData handling Simple EquationsUnderstanding Quadrilaterals Data HandlingCoordinate Geometry
Linear Equations in Two Variables
Polynomials Coordinate Geometry
PHY. SCIENCE““`““`Coal and PetroleumAtoms and Molecules
Reflection of Light at Curved
Surfaces, Human Eye and Colourful World.
Separation of substances Getting to know plantsAcids, Bases and salts Physical and chemical changesCrop production and ManagementTissues
Transportation, Excretion
SOCIALLandforms- Andhra Pradesh;Delhi Sultanate Kakatiya KingdomUnderstanding Secularism (poli) Ruling the Countryside (His)
Why do we need a Parliament? (poli)
1.Physical Features of India 2.Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
3.Constitutional Design
Production and Employment, National
Liberation Movements in the Colonies
ENV.EDNControlling vehicular pollution All plants are useful
Life in diverse regions
Study of migratory birds Cyclone and its impact Pottery as a craftDeath trap
Where should the waste go ? Fossil fuel is not forever
Preventing wastage of electricity, Locally available medicinal plants , Reducing farmer’s woes alternate cropping, Water supply and waste-water disposal systems prevalent in the past, Precipitation and soil erosion in the mountain ecosystem
Changes in the surroundings and their effect Use solar energy – Save electricity Pollination – an interaction of plants and insects, Observing the 3 ‘R’s
Conserving natural resources Optimum use of groundwater
ART-CULTURAL EDUCATIONOrigami, Paper cuttings, Leather puppets.Different types of clothes, Paper cuttings, Stick puppets, Decoration, Slokas, Pushpanjali.Draw different types of Turbans, Different types of paper cuttings, Leather puppets,
Draw different types of Ornaments, Leather puppets, Model making, Slokas, Mohana Raga Varnam.
Draw a situation like festival, Plate puppets, Glove puppets, Mohana Raga Varnam,
H E & PHY EDNHow to remain physically fitFundamental skills (team games)Water conservationPhysical education physical fitness
Growth and devolepment during adolesence
YOGAUtkatasana vajrasana swastikasanaTrikonasana katichakrasanaGomukhasana ardhamatsyendrasanaSimhasana mandukasana
Trikonasana shasankasana
GAMESKho -kho / carromsKho -kho / carromsKho -kho / carromsKabaddi / chess
Kabaddi / chess


Suggested activities while reading books:

  1. Me and my book: After reading the book, everyone has to write their opinion on that book. Like own ideas and feelings about the characters, situations, pictures regard the book.
  2. Books in the shelf: Visit Friends and relatives houses. Try to list out the names of the books found with your friends and relatives. Discuss on those books and note down the signifcance.
  3. Picture gallery:Collect old newspapers/magazines and cut pictures which are most liked. Paste those pictures in a notebook. It is the picture gallery.
  4. The stories of my friends: Form a group with your friends / classmates. Discus the stories read, then write those stories in their own words in a notebook.
  5. My story bank: Collect stories from the newspapers or magazines. Cut those pages and paste it in a notebook. This will become your story bank.
  6. Picture story: Select any pictures from the newspapers or magazines and write a story based on picture.
  7. My book: Make your own book with your writings and drawings, display the book on the reopening day.

Suggested activities

Short story writingElocution on the Importance of LanguageDramatized Storytelling
Role-play among students
Rhymes / Padyalu / Shayari / GhazalsSpelling CompetitionReading fluency and pronunciation competition
Teachers exhibiting new TLM using local resources
Dumb charadesWord building /AntakshariMusic and Dance Performances Discourse change (poem to action song, poem choreography)
Language-based games stalls: dart games, ring games, word construction etc.Translations of local songs and poems into englishStudents presenting various kinds of programmes to the parent community using language.
This ensures community participation and a platform for students to exhibit their skill in front of parents.

Government of Andhra Pradesh and the School Education Department, AP, provided all the primary school and high school children in the state with a dictionary under the scheme “Jagananna Vidya Kanuka”.The ‘Primary Level Illustrated Dictionary’ is for the children of 1 to 5 and “Oxford Dictionary’ for the children of 6 to 10 Classess.

The ‘Primary Level Illustrated Dictionary’ is prepared by SCERT. This is an illustrated dictionary (English – Telugu) that can maintain inter- national standards. It could serve as a self-learning tool to bridge these gaps and promote language acquisition. This dictionary contextually illustrates over 2500 words. The special feature of this book is pronunciation of each entry in Telugu script which helps the child to become an independent and involved learner. It helps the child to comprehend spelling, pronunciation, parts of speech, meanings and proper usage of the words to frame meaningful sentences. Our main motto in designing this book is to create joyful learning environment and facilitate the transition from mother tongue to English as smooth as possible. All the entries are arranged in alphabetical order. Looking up for a particular word and grab its meaning is going to be fun for the kids. This dictionary is full of attractive illustrations and one might observe that the arrangement on most occasions, is theme based. Detailed instructions are given in the introduction pages on how to get the most from this dictionary. The appendix consists of vocabulary pertaining to Math, Environmental Science and Grammar.

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