AP TET Paper 2B Syllabus PDF for PET – AP TET Paper II B Exam Pattern

AP TET 2018 Syllabus PDF – AP TET Paper II B Physical Education PET Syllabus 2018 Exam Pattern – Download PDF

AP TET 2B Syllabus 2018 – Government of Andhra Pradesh Department of School Education released the latest syllabus for AP TET 2018. Recently AP TET changing Syllabus and exam pattern for TET 2018 exam. Now, AP TET adding Paper 2B Exam for Physical Education PET. Here we Provide latest Syllabus for AP TET paper 2B Physical Education PET Candidates can get a Complete syllabus for AP TET Exam 2018 for All Subjects (Physical Education). The Exam will Be Held in June 2018. So, Aspirants who are wishing to Apply AP TET Exam 2018 can check TET Paper1 & Paper 2A, Paper 2B Syllabus in detailed from below Link


AP TET Paper 2B Syllabus

APTET Paper 2B Syllabus released. Languages and PET. Candidates can change their paper choice, they have to change to AP TET Paper 2B from APTET Paper 2 in parts A or B. Download AP TET Paper 2B Syllabus from the following link. PET Candidates can change their paper choice by visiting the APTET 2018 official website. Besides this AP State Govt has given permission to appear TET examination for the 2017-2018 candidates studying B.Ed/D.Ed courses.

Click Here to Download AP TET Paper 2B Syllabus PDF 2018 – New Exam pattern

AP TET Paper III Exam Pattern 2018 – Physical Education

Part – A (50 Marks)

  • Physical Education Pedagagy – 30 (D.P.Ed)
  •  Language Telugu/Urdu/Hindi/ Sanskrit/Kannada/ Tamil/ Oriya – 10  (I-VII Class)
  • English – 10

AP TET Paper 2B Part – B (70 Marks)

  • Physical Education Content – 70

Total Marks 120
Note: 30 marks will be allotted for certificates (Inter National level Participation – 30 marks, National level participation – 25 marks, State level medals 20 marks)

AP TET 2018 Paper 2B Syllabus for Physical Education Teachers (PET),  School Assistants 

 AP TET Syllabus 2018 – Paper 2B Part A

 Language – I Telugu (10 Marks) 7th class Level
Language – I Odiya (10 Marks) 7th class level
Language – I Urdu (10 Marks) 7th class level
Language – I Kannada (10 Marks) 7th class level
Language – I Tamil (10 Marks) 7th class level
Language – I English (10 Marks) 7th class level

AP TET Paper 2B Syllabus 2018 – Part – B 

  1. Physical Education Pedagogy (30 Marks)
  2. Psychology : Meaning and Definition of Psychology  –  Definition  of  Sports Psychology, Development  and  stages  –  Motor  development,  Social development – Role of Maturation – Individual
  3. Play – Theories of Play; Learning – Kinds of  Learning  – Laws of Learning – Learning curve – Transfer of  Motivation  – Meaning, definition and its importance.
  4. Definition of Method and Material
  5. Presentation techniques – Personal  and  Technical  –  Management  of
  6. Methods of Teaching – Factors influencing method – Verbal Explanation, Demonstration, Explanation, Discussion and
  7. Lesson Planning – Types of Lessons – Objectives of Lesson Planning – Values of lesson
  8. Tournaments – Types of Tournaments – Knock out, League, Combination and Challenge – Fixtures for
  9. Classification – Classification of Students – Mc Cloys, Cozens, Tirunarayan and Hari Haran, School Games Federation of  India  students


AP TET paper II B Syllabus 2018 – Part -C

  1. Physical Education – Content (Marks: 100)
  2. Organization and Administration of Physical Education (08 Marks)
  3. Meaning of the terms organization, Administration and
  4. Guiding Principles of Organization
  5. Time-Table; Factors influencing time-table; Types of Physical Education Periods; Time allotment for Intra-Murals, Extra Murals, Play days,
  6. Budget and Accounting – Preparation and Administration of good
  7. Records and Registers – Types of Registers – Stock, Issue, Attendance, Physical Measurement and fitness, Cumulative Register, Health
  8. Supervision – Meaning and need; Guiding principles of

ii.    History of Physical Education (05 Marks)

  1. History: Physical Education in Ancient Greece – Sparta, Athens – Ancient Rome – Germany, Ancient and Modern Olympic Movement. Historical development of Physical Education in India and status of various committees and their recommendations

iii.    Basic Anatomy and Physiology (07 Marks)

  1. Structure and Functions of cell
  2. Skeletal system: Bones – Axial and  Appendicular  Skeleton  –  Structure  and Functions of bones – Types of bones
  3. Muscular system: Types of Muscles, Classification of Muscles
  4. Respiratory system:        Structure         of     Human        Respiratory         system        – Mechanism
  5. Digestive system: Structure of human digestive system and process of
  6. Circulatory system: Constituents of Blood and its  functions,  Structure and Functions of Human
  7. Excretory system: Structure and Functions of Kidneys and
  8. Nervous system: Structure and Functions of Human Brain and Spinal cord.

iv.    Health Education and Safety Education (10 Marks)

  1. Definition of Health, Hygiene and Sanitation
  2. Factors influencing Health – Heredity, Habits and
  3. Factors influencing Physical, Mental and Social
  4. Communicable diseases – Prevention and Control – Tuberculosis, Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid, Measles and Whooping
  5. Food and Nutrition – Essential Constituents of food – Proteins, CHO, Fats, Minerals, Vitamins – Balanced DIET – Under nutrition and malnutrition.
  6. Posture – Definition – Values of Good Posture – Common Postural deformities – Kyphosis, Lordosis, Scoliosis, knocked knees, Bow legs, and Flat

v.    Yoga (10 Marks)

  1. Yoga – Definitions, Meaning and
  2. Values of Streams of Yoga – Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, and Raja
  3. Patanjali Ashtanga        Yoga;     Yama,      Niyama,       Asana,        Pranayama, Prathyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and
  4. Pranayama – Meaning,Importance and Stages of
  5. Asanas – Various types of

vi.       Officiating and Coaching of Physical Education (60 Marks)

  1. Meaning and Principles of officiating
  2. Duties of Referee / Umpires / Scorers in various
  3. Athletics – Runs, Throws and Jumps

Marking, Rules, Signals and Systems  of Officiating  in  the  following Games: Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Softball, Handball, Tennikoit, Ball badminton, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho Kho.

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