Apprentice New Rules 2023, DBT Claims Rs. 1,500/- Solution Memo Released

On September 01, 2023, Apprenticeship Training Division, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India has released  official memorandum regarding Direct  Beneflt Transfer (DBT) under National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS). Details are given here.

Reference is invited to this Ministry’s OM dated 07-10-2022, letter dated 16-11-2022 and 17-01-2023 on the subject cited above (copies enclosed).

Pan India roll-out of DBT under NAPS has started with the launch event held on 11-08-2023. With effective from lstJuly 2023, all new contracts signed under NAPS will adhere to DBT as per the guidelines.

During the pilot DBT period, DBT claims that were received from establishments have been processed and the proportionate Government of India share not exceeding Rs 1,500/- per apprentice per month was transferred directly to the bank account of apprentices. With the completion of pilot DBT, establishments are informed to take the following action accordingly:

for those apprentices, who are yet to receive the Government’s share of stipend through DBT during the pilot DBT period, establishments shall disburse the proportionate Government share of stipend from their end and claim the same through the apprenticeship portal as reimbursement of stipend paid to the apprentices.

for apprentices, for whom Government’s share has been released during the DBT pilot period, no claims for reimbursement from the establishments will be accepted.

For those apprentices, who were not part of 0BT pilot and for whom establishments have paid the stipend in full, establishments can claim the Government’s share of stipend as a reimbursement through portal.

The sunset date for all such claims stated in para(3)(a) and para(4) is 30th September 2023.

All establishments covered under NAPS should ensure to submit their claims for reimbursement for the period upto June 2023 latest by 30thSeptember 2023. Beyond this date, no claim for reimbursement will be entertained.

This issues with approval of Competent Authority.

Download Office Memorandum PDF: Click Here

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