Byju’s App: A Revolutionary Learning Methodology

In the age of globalization, the education in our society is still lacking an effective approach towards education and is promoting rat-race amongst the students. At this phase of technological advancement, the teachers need technology to be integrated into the learning process to make students learn in an engaging, interactive and effective way.
To cater to the need of global approach in education, Byju’s- The Learning App, or commonly called as Byju’s App was launched in 2015. Within a few months of launching, the app was downloaded by over 2 million students and garnered huge attention from the education sector. The parent company of Byju’s app i.e. Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. became such a revolutionary edutech company that it received investment from some of the best investment sectors including Sequoia Capital, IFC and Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative to name a few.
Here is a detailed Byjus App review to help the masses understand why the app is getting such an overwhelming attention in the Edutech sector and how is it revolutionizing the way students learn in this globalized society.

With the advancement of technology, the education needs to be integrated with technology to remove certain constraints of the traditional education system. At this point of time, the students need to be engaged with learning in an interesting way.
So, Byju’s app has integrated few technological modes to make learning easy, interesting and effective at the same time. The technologies that Byju’s integrated can be called as the main USPs of the app and are broadly explained in the successive points.

  • Visualization with 3D Animations and In-air Projections

It is always fascinating to realize that how students remember the character names of their favorite movies for eternity but fail to grasp the periodic table for long. This is simply because of the tendency of human minds to remember the visualized moments for a prolonged duration.
In conventional learning environments, the teachers are limited to the traditional methodologies, like writing boards and notes to deliver the lessons to the students. With this traditional way, the students often find themselves in confusion and fail to synchronize with the teachers and eventually fail to understand certain complicated topics, especially from physics, biology, maths and chemistry.
To remove this constraint from the education process, Byju’s app has implemented 3d animations and in-air projections to help the students visualize the concepts in detail. With proper visualized topics in mind, the students can easily retain the knowledge for a longer period and implement the concepts in the exam in an effective way.

  • Strategically Brain-mapped Lessons

The curtailment of numerous educational boards and their respective syllabus is easily overcome by implementing brain-mapped lessons in the app. The students from different educational boards and of different capabilities can learn at the same time from Byju’s app.
The lessons are designed in such a way that the students are taught every topic in a structured way so that they do not face any confusion in the progressive lessons. Every topic is introduced in an effective way and students from all educational boards can easily learn from the app.

  • Implementation of Adaptive Learning

One of the most prevailing drawbacks of the current education system is the lack of personalized learning process. Students with different capabilities need different educational approaches to cater to their personal learning styles.
With Byju’s app, students can learn at their own pace and the study materials are presented according to the response and approach of the students. Now, the students don’t need to adapt themselves to the teachers’ pace; in contrast, the app adapts itself to the pace of the learner.

  • Availability of Tests and Personal Mentors

The students can take numerous tests and get a detailed analysis of their report to be able to analyze their respective performance and progress. The tests are also adaptive and students can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly.
Byju’s also provide personal mentors who are always ready to clear every doubt of the students in the shortest possible time. The mentors even counsel the students and provide them various notes and additional information throughout their learning journey.
With these aforementioned unique advantages, Byju’s app has become the leading app in the education sector and every year numerous candidates are enrolling themselves with the app. With over 10 million downloads, the students are now enjoying a personalized, interactive and engaging learning experience with Byju’s- the learning app.

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