Is this year independence day is 76th or 77th? Here’s the Answer

Many of us thinking and having doubt that whether 15 August 2023 is the 76th or 77th Independence Day, the sentiment is unchanging, but it’s crucial to fully comprehend the root of this confusion. There are two different schools of thought when it comes to counting the years between the historical day 1947 and the present.

When India is preparing to fly the flag on August 15th the perennial question arises – Is This the 76th or the 77th Independence Day? It is a result of the confusion over the number of years since the day in 1947, when the nation was liberated from British colonial rule.

If Indians think it’s the 76th or it’s the 77th Independence Day, the sentiment remains the same. However, it is important to understand the reason for this ambiguity.

There are two main theories in the matter of counting the years from 15 August 1947 until today including inclusive or exclusive counting.

If we simply consider the years that passed from 1947 until 2023, the next celebration will naturally fall on the 76th Independence Day. This is due to the fact that the first year of India’s independence was in the year itself. The 77th year began on the 15th of August, 2023.

However, confusion can arise from a divergent view that states that the first year of India’s independence began in 1947, but not that year. In this view, it is believed that the completion of the first year of independence will be celebrated on August 15 in 1948.

This paradox was the basis for the 2022 Google search asking a similar question: Is this the 76th or the 75th Independence Day? A way to comprehend the mystery is to look at how birthdays are counted.

If someone becomes a parent, they’re thought to be in the first year of existence, however, age-wise, they’re within”the “0th year”, only turning one day after the year ends. Because only the years passed are counted, an individual’s age is based on the number of years in total they’ve spent in their life.

In the same way, prime minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation from the apex of the Red Forts next, India will celebrate its 76th Independence Day, and as many years have passed since India gained independence from British rule in 1946.

The 15th of August, 2023 will be in fact the start of the 77th year of Indian independence and the conclusion of this will be celebrated by the 77th Independence Day.

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