SBI PO Job Profile, Probation Period, Duties, Career

SBI PO Role & Job Profile | SBI PO Job Profile, Pay Scale, Career Prospects: The State Bank of India will be conducting SBI PO Recruitment Exam in the month of July. It is essential for the candidates to crack both prelims and mains examination to get recruited as a probationary officer. Many of the candidates who are applying for the SBI PO 2018 should know about the operations that will be handled by Probationary Officers (PO) after their appointment to State Bank of India from here. Candidates who can apply for SBI PO 2018 until 13th May 2018. Here, we will find out more about the SBI PO Job Profile. We will also discuss the SBI PO Job Profile after the Probation Period.

SBI PO Job Profile – Duties & Responsibilities

  1. The probation period of the SBI Probationary Officer is 2 years. You can be asked to perform any kind of bank related activity. It can be either clerical or an assistant type of job. The reason for such diversity in work is to get you acquainted with various working procedures of the bank.
  1. You will also be trained in various disciplines like finance, accounting, marketing, billing as well as investment. This is done by entrusting you with jobs of various categories. The aim is to instill practical knowledge.
  1. One responsibility of the PO is to work as public relations officer. The PO needs to handle customer complaints and address various customer related issues. Matters such as discrepancies in accounts, rectification of undue charges and looking into complaints regarding services provided by the bank.
  1. The work of an SBI PO also includes managerial tasks, such as supervision of clerical work, making decisions for the benefit of the bank, and managing cash balance.
  1. The SBI PO Job Profile includes verification of all the work done by bank clerks. SBI follows the maker & checker system. In cash transactions, the clerk is the maker and PO is the checker and the responsibility of losses resides with the checker.
  1. A PO should be aware of all the latest developments of the bank. They are required to read all the circulars and should know about all the decisions taken by the bank management.
  1. The SBI PO job profile includes the issue of ATM cards, check books, and demand drafts.
  1. Once you, the Probationary Officer, get acclimatized to the bank environment and gain enough experience on bank’s working procedures, based on your personal skills and aptitude, you can be assigned more responsible work. Tasks like planning, budgeting, marketing, loan processing & approval, and investment management.

In Short, SBI PO Job Profile involves

  • Learning nitty gritty of General Banking.
  • Marketing of New Schemes
  • Bringing New Business
  • Any other task bestowed by the bank time to time.

Also you may be asked to solve the grievances of customers coming to the bank for

  • Opening of new accounts
  • Issuing of ATM cards
  • Doing deposits
  • Loan Processing
  • Issuing cheque books etc

SBI PO Salary

  • The main bone of contention among all the candidates – Salary.
  • A salary of an SBI PO is higher than that compared to other entry-level IT jobs.
  • The CTC package of a  probationary officer in SBI is easily around Rs.8-12 lakh per annum.

SBI PO Perks and Allowances

  • Basic Pay: Rs. 27620.00
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): It will lie between 30 to 50% of the Basic Pay. In Banks, DA is revised quarterly and is based on the CPI data as revealed by Government of India.
  • CCA: This is paid @ 4%, 3% or 0% depending on the place of posting.
  • Special Allowance: For officers, it is paid @ a rate of  7.75%

Apart from this, here are a few additional perks

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  • Leased accommodation range from Rs8,000/- in ‘C’ category Centers to Rs 29,500/- in Mumbai Centre.
  • Home Travel Concession/ Leave Fare Concession.
  • Medical Aid for self (100%) and for family (75%).

SBI PO Allowances – other allowances provided to an SBI PO 

  1. Dearness Allowance- It is the allowance given for the adjustment of cost of living to the government employees etc. DA for PO is currently 46.9% of the basic pay.
  2. City Compensation Allowance- It is the allowance given for adjusting in a particular city. It depends on the poster city.
  3. Housing Allowance- It is the basically the rent given to PO if SBI can’t provide a house. It is the leased house rent allowance. It depends on the posted place.
  4. Medical Insurance- It is the amount and insurance provided to the employee. SBI gives 100% health facilities and coverage to its employee and 75% of its family members.
  5. Traveling Allowances- Even the PO is provided with the allowance for his travels. The fare of an AC 2-tier is provided for his travel and tours for official works.

SBI PO Career Prospects and Opportunities 

  1. Probationary Officer: The basic training phase of PO where he learns all the basic responsibilities he has to take.
  2. Assistant Manager: The work of an Assistant Manager is same as that of a PO. It’s just that this post is confirmed and not on a probation period.
  3. Branch Manager: The branch manager leads the whole bank branch.
  4. Chief Manager:  The chief manager takes the responsibility of the main branch in a city i.e. a bigger branch.
  5. AGM: The Assistant General Manager takes care of a group of the branch in a region.
  6. DGM: The Deputy General Manager takes care of branches in a bigger zone or no. of the region.
  7. CGM: The Chief General Manager heads a circle like a complete branch of a state.
  8. GM: The General Manager has a higher responsibility of taking care of all the branches globally. He takes multiple duties and roles.
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