AP Model Schools CBSE 8th, 9th Class Exam Pattern & Dates 2023-24

A.P – CBSE – Question Papers as per CBSE Exam Pattern for Classes VIII & IX to the 1000 CBSE Affiliated Govt Management Schools w.e.f. FA -2 Exams

Rc.No:ESE02/878/2023-MODAL SCHOOL-CSE, Dated:01/10/2023

Sub: School Education – A.P. Model Schools – CBSE -Question papers as per CBSE Examination pattern for Classes VIII &IX to the 1000 CBSE Affiliated Government Management Schools in Andhra Pradesh State w.e.f. Formative Assessment -2 exams – Certain Instructions- Issued- Reg.


1. Procgs. RC.No. ESE02/878/2023-MODAL SCHOOL-CSE of the CSE, AP, Dated:22/09/2023

2. Rc.No: CBSE/2023-SCERT, dated:25.09.2023

3. Letter dated Nil of the Director, SCERT

All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that, the Government of A.P have unleashed a new era in school Education by introducing extensive curricular reforms from the academic year 2021-22, and has taken a historical decision to affiliated all the Government schools in to CBSE in a phased manner. Accordingly, it has decided to implement the CBSE pattern of exams in 1000 schools in phase I for the year 2023-24.

In order to establish a level of acceptable quality in all aspects of School functioning the CBSE Board may decide quality assessment criteria and accordingly make it mandatory for the schools to undergo the process quality assessment in a manner prescribed by the Board.

As per the CBSE Academic Calendar the new session of the new academic year 2023-24 starts from April 2nd 2023 and ends on March 21st,2024, duly following the Schedule of Tests/ Examination for 2023-24:

CLASSES-VIII & IX (Periodic Written Test (PWT) for class VIII&IX )

S. NoAssessmentDate
1Periodic Written Test –I/ UT-IAugust ,2023
2Periodic Written Test –II/ UT-II6th TO 9th October 2023
3TERM 1November,2023
4PWT 3 / UT 3January,2023
5PWT 4 / UT 4February 2024



As per the CBSE circular No.-Acad-05/2017 dated 31.01.2017, CIRCULAR No.14/2017 dated 21.03.2017 on uniform system of assessment, revised vide CBSE circular No.Acad-11/2019 dated 6.3.2019 will continue for the session 2023-24 till any revision made by CBSE. The concerned subject teachers and the principals of will remain in touch with the latest development in the evaluation system of CBSE, if any, from time to time, during the academic year 2023-24.

The assessment scheme will have an 80 marks component for Board examination (Class X) in all subjects except compulsory subjects to be assessed internally along with a 20 marks component of Internal Assessment.

Scholastic Area : Classes VIII &IX (As per CBSE guidelines)

Subjects80 Marks (Board Examination)
has to secure 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject
Periodic Assessment  (20  Marks)
Student has to secure 33% marks out of overall 20 marks earmarked in each subject
Test (05 mark)
(05 Marks)
Portfolio (5 Marks)Subject Enrichment (5 Mark)
Language 1Board will conduct Class X Examination for 80 marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus of  the
subject of Class X only. Marks and Grades both       will be awarded for individual subjects.
Periodic Written Test, restricted to three in each subject in an Academic Year. Average of the best two
tests to be    taken for final marks submissio n.
Strategies to be used includes; quizzes, oral test, concept map, exit cards, visual expressi
on    etc.
This will cover: Class work plus peer assessment, self- assessment, achievement of student in the subject, refections, narrations, journals, etc.Speaking & Listening Skills in Lang- 1
Language 2Speaking &
Listening Skills in Lang – 2
SciencePractical Lab Work in Science
MathsMaths Lab Practical
Social ScienceProject Work in Social Science

Additional Subject (Skill Subject)

Board will conduct class X  examination of 50 marks in theory and 50 marks practical in each skill    subject  covering 100% syllabus as prescribed  by CBSE.

Weightage of periodic Assessments for Class X will be as per CBSE directions. Final result of class IX will be prepared by assigning 40% Weightage to Term-I and 60% to Term- 2. However, the annual examination will be based on full syllabus for the session 2023-24.

Grading Scale for Scholastic Areas Class VIII & IX (Schools will award grades as per the following grading scale)

Marks RangeGrade
91 – 100A1
81 – 90A2
71 – 80B1
61 – 70B2
51 – 50C1
41 – 50C2
33 – 40D
32 & belowEssential repeat

Composition, Weightage and No. of Questions for PWT/UT &Term Exams/Pre-boards for Classes -VIII & IX:

Sl. No
PWT (40 Marks)
Term I & II (Half Yearly & Annual Exams)
WeightageNo. of questionMarks
1Competency Based Question (CCT):
This can be case/source/situation/fgure/ data interpretation based
50%04 (Each CBQ will have 05 questions)20 (4X5) Mark
The number of questions, type of questions will be as per CBSE pattern.
2MCQs on assertion – reasoning type from concerned subjects.10%404 (4X1 mark)
3Short Answer Questions30%612(6×2 Marks)
4Long Answer Questions10%104 ( 1 X 4 Marks)

Note: Atleast 10% of the questions on the pattern of competitive exams questions pertaining to the subjects should be the part of the question paper in Internal Assessment (20 Marks) (Class VIII & IX)

Pen Paper Test (05 Marks): The school should conduct periodic written tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two for class X and best in each term for class IX will be taken. The schools have the autonomy to make its own schedule. However, for the purpose of gradient learning, three tests may be held as one being the mid-term test and other the two being pre-mid-term and post mid-term with portion of syllabus cumulatively covered. The gradually increasing portion of contents would prepare students acquire confidences for appearing in the Board examination with 100% syllabus. For class X the school will take the average of the best two tests for final marks submission.

Multiple Assessment (05 Marks): Strategies to be used includes; quizzes, oral test, concept map, exit cards, visual expression, self and peer assessment,  collaborative projects, experiments. Classroom demonstration etc.

Portfolio  (05 marks): It  includes Class work plus peer assessment, self-assessment, achievements of student in the subject, refections, narrations, journals, etc.

Subject Enrichment Activities (05 Marks): These are subject specific application activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill development. These activities are to be recorded internally by respective subject teachers.

For Languages: Activities conducted for subject enrichment in languages should aim at equipping the learner to develop effective speaking and listening skills.

For Mathematics: The listed laboratory activities and projects as given in the prescribed publication of CBSE/NCERT may be followed.

For Science: The listed practical works / activities may be carried out as prescribed by the CBSE in the curriculum.

For Social Science: Project work may be undertaken as prescribed by the CBSE in the curriculum.

In this regard, it is decided to conduct all the examinations hereafter in the CBSE pattern adopted for the classes 8th and 9th in the 1000 CBSE affiliated Government management Schools. And also the Periodic Written Test -2 (FA-II) will be conducted in the pattern of CBSE for 40 marks with the question papers prepared by SCERT from 06/10/2023 to 09/10/2023 instead of 03.10.2023 to 05.10.2023 .

Therefore, all the District Educational officers in the State are informed that the Periodic Written Test II (FA-II) for classes 8th and 9th in 1000 CBSE Schools are rescheduled from 06/10/2023 to 09/10/2023 instead of 03.10.2023 to 05.10.2023. And here after all the CBSE Examinations will be conducted in the new pattern adopted. The reschedule is decided in order to create awareness and proper understanding of the new pattern adopted. Further they are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the Principals/ HMs of 1000 CBSE affiliated Govt. Management Schools to prepare the students of VIII & IX classes in CBSE pattern for Periodic Written Test -2 (FA-II).

ఏపీ లో సీబీఎస్ఈ గుర్తింపు ఉన్న వెయ్యి ప్రభుత్వ పాఠశాలల్లో 8, 9వ తరగతులకు పరీక్షల విధానంలో మార్పులు చేస్తూ ప్రభుత్వం ఆదేశాలు జారీ చేసింది. ఇప్పటి వరకు ఫార్మెటివ్, సమ్మెటివ్ పరీక్షలుండగా వాటిని పీరియాడిక్, టర్మ్ పరీక్షలుగా మార్చింది. పీరియాడిక్ రాత పరీక్ష (పీడబ్ల్యూటీ)-2 ఆరో తేదీ నుంచి తొమ్మిదో తేదీ వరకు నిర్వహించనున్నారు. పీడబ్ల్యూటీలు మొత్తం నాలుగు ఉంటాయి. టర్మ్ పరీక్షలు రెండు ఉంటాయి. టర్మ్-1 నవంబరులో, టర్మ్-2 పరీక్షలను మార్చిలో నిర్వహిస్తారు. టర్మ్ పరీక్షలో 80 మార్కులకు రాత, 20 మార్కులకు అంతర్గత పరీక్షలుంటాయి. పీడబ్ల్యూటీలో 40 మార్కులకు రాత, 10 మార్కులకు అంతర్గత పరీక్షలుంటాయి. విద్యార్థులు ప్రతి సబ్జెక్టులోనూ 33 శాతం మార్కులు సాధించాల్సి ఉంటుంది.

పదో తరగతిలో అయిదు సబ్జెక్టులు మాత్రమే ఉంటాయి. మొదటి భాషగా ఆంగ్లం, రెండో భాషగా తెలుగు ఉంటుంది. మూడో భాష హిందీ ఉండదు. ఆరో సబ్జెక్టుగా స్కిల్ సబ్జెక్టును అమలు చేయనుండగా 50 మార్కులు థియరీ, 50 మార్కులు ప్రాక్టికల్స్ ఉంటాయి.

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