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PRoject Appraisal, Budgeting, Achievements and Data Handling System (PRABANDH) is initiated under Samagra Shiksha by Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, Govt of India. Here we are giving the Main Objecive, Achievements and Important Links.

OOSC PRABANDH Portal: Objective

In a significant step towards leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and manage the implementation of newly launched Centrally Sponsored Integrated Scheme for School Education, Samagra Shiksha, a PRABANDH System has enabled on the https://seshagun.gov.in website, in which States and UTs may view the Status of GoI Releases, approved outlays, coverage as per UDISE, school wise list of approvals, school wise gaps, cancellations in approvals etc. under Samagra Shiksha. In addition, on line submission of Monthly Progress Reports, physical as well as financial, can also be made by the respective State/UTs in the PRABANDH System.

Now the data visualization dashboard has been created for display of monthly status of physical and financial progress under the major interventions of the scheme , which automatically picks up data from the system based on monthly updates done by the States and UTs. This will help in introducing better transperancy in the implementation of the scheme and improve the same.

Core Objective for Implementation

  • a. To obviate the need for submitting hard copies, except where it is mandated otherwise.
  • b. To have transparency and accuracy in the System w.r.t Approvals, Releases, Financial Status.
  • c. To streamline the Financial Management System, to enable more accurate assessment of actual requirement of funds for implementation.
  • d. For efficient decision- making.

OOSC PRABANDH Portal: Achievements

  1. Online submission of Annual Work Plan & Budget
  2. Online Generation of Sanction Order for Central Releases
  3. Online Monthly activity wise Progress Reports (Physical and Financial)
  4. Online Submission of School wise Progress
  5. Activated Logins


Official Link to Prabhandh PortalClick Here
Process of OoSC Entry pdfDownload Now
Prabhandh Portal LoginClick Here

Flow for Out of School Children (OoSC) on PRABANDH


Upload Out of School Chidlren (OoSC)


Block Login

  • Open website http://samagrashiksha.in
  • Login with your username and password (Default username is your 6 Digit UDISE code)
  • After login, Select the following option according to their user levels

Click on OOSC –>

  • Elementary (Below 14 years)
  • Secondary (Above 14 Years)

Select the AWPB year

Child Code : Auto generated by the system

Name of Child : Enter the name of child upto 60 Character (Mandatory*) Name of Father : Enter the name of Father of the child upto 60 Character Name of Mother : Please enter the name of child upto 60 Character

Name of Guardian: Please enter the name of child upto 60 Character (Mandatory* any of the 1 (Father / Mother / Guardian)

Address: Address of the Child (Mandatory*)

Mobile : Enter the Contact details of Mother / Father / Guardian / Child (Mandatory*) Unique ID of Child : State Specific (if any)

Gender : Boy/Girl/Transgender (Mandatory*)

Age : Enter the age of child in number’s (Mandatory*)

Is the Child CWSN : Select Yes or No from the drop down (Mandatory*) Category : Select Gen/SC/ST/OBC from the drop down (Mandatory*)

Religion Type : Select Hindu / Muslim / Sikh / Jain / Christian / Parsi / Buddhist / Any other from the drop


Never Enrolled / Dropout : Select one option from drop down window (Mandatory*)

Last Class Attended : If the child is drop out, kindly enter the class in (between 1 – 8 in case of child age was less than 14 years and enter class above 8 where the child age was greater than 14 years) (Mandatory*)

Approx. period of dropout: If the child is drop out, kindly enter the number of months the child was dropped out from schools (Mandatory*)

After identification has the child been enrolled in school : Select “Yes” if child was enrolled after identification or “No” for not enrolled (Mandatory*)

UDISE Code : If identified students has been enrolled in school, kindly provide the UDISE code of the School


School Name : School Name would be automatically generated by the System

Admission No. allotted : Enter the Admission Number of the identified student enrolled in the school

Does the Child Required Special Training : Select “Yes” or “No” from drop down list. (Mandatory*)

Duration of the Special Training Proposed : If the child required the special training , then please select the duration of the training i.e. 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months or 12 Months as per the requirement (Mandatory*)

Mode of Special Training         : Select the Non-Residential / Residential option from the drop down window


Requirement of Funds for Special Training : Select the option from “Funds not Required / Proposed under Samagra Shikhsha/ Through Convergence” from the drop down window (Mandatory*)

Duration of Survey : Enter the date of the survey in which child was identified , please click on “Repeat” check box to repeat the date in other rows of the children (Mandatory*)

 Secondary Education (Children above 14 Years )

Is the Child willing to pursue education through Open Schooling System : Select “Yes” or “No” from drop down list. (Mandatory*)

Is Financial Support required by the Child : Select “Yes” or “No” from drop down list. (Mandatory*)

Save : Click this image to “Save” the child record

Delete : Click this image to “Delete” the child record

For Complete process of Addition, View, Edit etc.Watch the Video

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