English Syllabus for All Competitive Exams (Detailed) IBPS, SSC, RRB, UPSC English Download

Hey guys, hurry up! In this post schools360 team providing English syllabus for all competitive exams, I am sure after reading my article you will get an idea about English syllabus and how to prepare English section in competitive exams.
Learning English is important both for your real life and for getting a job. Already we know that It is a Universal Language and also known as professional language.
Indian people learn English as one of the subjects from their school stage on wards. If you put some time and the hard work you will become an expert in English. All industries or companies are checking Basic English knowledge from fresh young graduates. In interview process and written exam, they will check your English knowledge.
Here most of the English topics are same for all competitive exams. Here you can find the major topics that cover all competitive exams.

English Syllabus for All Competitive Exams

which I mentioned here is not fixed &  constant, different competitive exams have different syllabus for their standards, so the below topics are related and covered for all competitive exams like banking, UPSC, IBPS, RRB, SSC, APPSC, TSPSC, KPSC……..

Topics in English

Main Topic Sub Topics & Contents
Active and Passive Voice In this topic, a sentence will be given in Active/ Passive Voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested, you are required to select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/ Active.
Cloze Tests This test consist of a passage with blanks and we have to complete the reading by filling up the blanks. Students should focus on reading the passage very carefully and then you’ll be able to figure out the right or appropriate words to be filled.
Commonly Misspelled Words Commonly misspelled English words are words that are often unintentionally misspelled in general writing.
Comprehension Reading Comprehension is one of the most critical topics of the English Language and Comprehension Section. Therefore, the students should devote ample time to the preparation of this section. For doing this, a proper strategy has to be framed and followed to optimally utilize the limited time available for the preparation.
Direct & Indirect Speech In this topic, a sentence will be given Indirect/Direct Speech. Out of the four alternatives suggested, you are required to select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect/Direct Speech.
Error Spotting Spotting errors are asked in verbal reasoning. You need to spot sentences and error which are grammatically incorrect. This error can be anything. From noun to pronoun to singular/plural to word usage they can be anything.
Fill in the Blanks Under this topic, you are required to find a suitable word to fill in. It constitutes questions which have only blanks. Remember to read the statement carefully and choose the most appropriate option.
Idioms and Phrases The common question which was asked in the SSC Exams are Idioms and Phrases. The topic usually has good weightage in the exam, so prepare them well.
Jumble Words word jumble is a word puzzle game that presents the player with a bunch of mixed up letters and requires them to unscramble the letters to find the hidden word.
Jumbled up sentences
Multiple Meaning /Error Spotting
One word Substitution One-word substitution means a word that replaces a group of words or sentences without creating or changing the exact meaning of sentences.
Paragraph Completion
Passage Making
Phrase Substitution
Reading Comprehension
Sentence Correction Follow the grammar rules in this section like subject-verb agreement, Verb time Sequences, etc
Sentence Framing Sentence framing involves taking a specific sentence or phrase that can be used in multiple situations along with vocabulary words.
Sentence Improvement In terms of vocabulary usage, this topic means using appropriate words or phrases to improve the sentence given in the question.
This topic is just an extension of correct grammatical usage. However, in this section students not only require a good Knowledge of “correct grammatical usage,” but they also need to look for answers that are concise and not redundant.
Spelling Test Spelling skills can be improved mainly by putting in efforts like looking up a word you’re not sure of, keeping the dictionary at hand, keeping a list of words you know you have trouble with.
Spotting Errors
Synonyms & Antonyms Synonyms mean the words which have the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language. An Antonym is the opposite of another word. For example, the Antonym of the day is night.
Verbal Ability

Preparing English section for competitive exams can be done by yourselves more and more in reading English newspaper, English books, watching English channels, movies, news, and discussions with friends in English. These are the main and useful tips for improving your English skills and communication.
Some tips to improve your English Talent

  • Always make a habit of reading English news paper
  • Second, you should read at least one or two passages loudly
  • Speak in English with your friends and colleagues
  • Don’t lose your confidence while speaking
  • If someone points out your mistakes learn that but don’t get disappointed

Download English – Topic wise Worksheets, Questions & Examples

English Language
Active and Passive Voice Download Examples & Worksheets
Cloze Tests Download Examples & Worksheets
Commonly Misspelled Words Download Examples & Worksheets
Comprehension Download Examples & Worksheets
Direct & Indirect Speech Download Examples & Worksheets
Editing Download Examples & Worksheets
Error Spotting Download Examples & Worksheets
Fill in the Blanks Download Examples & Worksheets
Grammar Download Examples & Worksheets
Idioms and Phrases Download Examples & Worksheets
Jumble Words Download Examples & Worksheets
Jumbled up sentences Download Examples & Worksheets
Miscellaneous Download Examples & Worksheets
Multiple Meaning /Error Spotting Download Examples & Worksheets
One word Substitution Download Examples & Worksheets
Paragraph Completion Download Examples & Worksheets
Passage Making Download Examples & Worksheets
Phrase Substitution Download Examples & Worksheets
Reading Comprehension Download Examples & Worksheets
Sentence Correction Download Examples & Worksheets
Sentence Framing Download Examples & Worksheets
Sentence Improvement Download Examples & Worksheets
Spelling Test Download Examples & Worksheets
Spotting Errors Download Examples & Worksheets
Synonyms & Antonyms Download Examples & Worksheets
Verbal Ability Download Examples & Worksheets
Vocabulary Download Examples & Worksheets


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