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Hey, guys are you preparing for various competitive exams? Then let us find the basic topics and rounds involved in that. Before going to start your preparation you should know what to prepare and how to prepare. Let us find the Reasoning syllabus for all competitive exams.
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Not only Reasoning Syllabus you can also find Quantitative aptitude and English for Competitive exams here
Reasoning is one of the high-scoring & interesting topics and easiest sections in competitive exams, once you get (or) clearly know the concepts then everyone will be a master in it.

Name of the Material Test of Reasoning
Useful for SSC, RRB IBPS, UPSC and Other Competitive Exams
Sub Topics Verbal, Non-Verbal and Analytical
Category Syllabus & Study Material
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English Syllabus for All Competitive Exams (Detailed)

Reasoning Syllabus for All Competitive Exams UPSC SSC Banking

The more you practice the you will become more expert in that. Actually, the reasoning section aims to test your mental and logical ability. This skill is needed for any job role.
n this post, you will find the reasoning syllabus for all competitive exams. This post gives all topics involved in Reasoning. Also, you will get how to prepare for the reasoning exam in our updated articles.
The topics mentioned here is not fixed & constant.  Different competitive exams have a different syllabus for their standards. But here we come up with major reasoning topics that will come in competitive exams like Banking, UPSC, SSC, APPSC, TSPSC, KPSC and so on.
In this article, you will come to know the basic topics that come with your reasoning exam.

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Reasoning Syllabus for Competitive Exams & Study Material

The reasoning syllabus for all competitive exams is very useful for all aspirants. While preparing for competitive exams we recommend you follow the reasoning topics that you will see here. Common Topics Normally found in All Competitive Exams are – Alphabet Test, Alphanumeric Series, AnalogySeating Arrangement and Pattern, Assertion and Reason, Blood Relations, Causes and Effects, Circular Arrangement, Coded Inequalities, Coding-Decoding, Data Sufficiency, Decision Making, Direction and Distance, Direction Sense Test, Figure Series Test, Floor Puzzle, Inequality, Input-Output, Linear Arrangement, Logical Reasoning, Machine Input Output, Number Series, Odd man ordering and Ranking, Puzzle and Arrangements, Ranking and Time, Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test, Scheduling, Seating Arrangement, Series Test, Statement and Arguments, Statement and Assumption, Statement and Conclusion, Syllogism, Tabulation, Verbal Reasoning and Word Formation.

Normally Reasoning Topic is Divided into Three Sections. Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning.  Following are the content that are Normally Found in Exams in Each Section.

Verbal Reasoning Contents & Material

Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand the concepts expressed through words. in this you may get a passage of text with some activities. through verbal reasoning, one may assess your verbal skills. which may include your vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reading and understanding capabilities. Also, follow the reasoning topics given below.

Sl No. Topic Study Material
1 Alpha-numerical sequence puzzle
Alphanumeric Series
Click Here
2 Alphabet Test Click Here
3 Analogy Click Here
4 Arithmetical operations Click Here
5 Assertion and reason Click Here
6 Blood relations Click Here
7 Classifications Click Here
8 Coding-decoding Click Here
9 Data Sufficiency Click Here
10 Decision making Click Here
11 Direction sense test Click Here
12 Eligibility test Click Here
13 Inequalities Click Here
14 Inserting the missing characters Click Here
15 Logical sequence test Click Here
16 Logical Venn diagram Click Here
17 Machine Input Click Here
18 Mathematical operations Click Here
19 Number series Click Here
20 Numbers, ranking & time sequence test Click Here
21 Puzzle test Click Here
22 Sequential output tracing Click Here
23 Sitting arrangement Click Here
24 Situation reaction test Click Here
25 Syllogism Click Here

Non-Verbal Reasoning Topics & Material

Non-verbal reasoning is like picture-oriented problems. You can easily solve these by viewing the pictures. Also follow the nonverbal reasoning topics which are given below.

Sl No. Topic Study Material
1 Analogy Click Here
2 Analytical reasoning Click Here
3 Classification Click Here
4 Completion of incomplete pattern Click Here
5 Construction of squares and triangles Click Here
6 Cubes and dice Click Here
7 Dot situation Click Here
8 Figure matrix Click Here
9 Grouping of identical figures Click Here
10 Mirror-image Click Here
11 Paper cutting Click Here
12 Paper folding Click Here
13 Rule detection Click Here
14 Series Click Here
15 Spotting out the embedded figures Click Here
16 Water-image Click Here

Logical / Analytical Reasoning Topics & Material

Finally, logical reasoning is the most challenging task. When you view the reasoning syllabus the important thing is knowing the topics of logical reasoning. These are given below.

Sl No. Topic Study Material
1 Calendars Click Here
2 Cause and effect reasoning Click Here
3 Clocks Click Here
4 Drawing inference Click Here
5 Odd figures or Odd one out Click Here
6 Puzzles Click Here
7 Seating arrangement Click Here
8 Sequence and series Click Here
9 Statement and Conclusion Click Here
10 Statements and argument Click Here
11 Statements and assumption Click Here
12 Statements and course of action Click Here
13 The deriving conclusion from passages Click Here
14 Theme Detection Click Here

Buy Reasoning Books Online

When you prepare to reason always It is recommended to buy a standard book. After knowing all the basic things you can practice either online or offline mode. We have a famous book called RS Aggarwal Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning book. You can buy this book by clicking the following link.


Finally, This post is very useful for students or candidates who are preparing for competitive exams. we always update our articles. In the future, you can expect more articles from this portal.

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