CBSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus & Text Book 2022-23 (PDF) NCERT Solutions

EVS is one of the important subjects among the 3 major subjects in grade 2. CBSE Class 2 EVS Worksheet aims to provide an opportunity for kids to explore and develop an understanding of Nature, Humans, Social and Cultural activities of the local and wider environments. Thus, it is important for one to be aware of CBSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus.

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CBSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus 2022-23

Name of the Organization/ Board Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Category Syllabus
Class Class 2
Subject EVS
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CBSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus 2022

CBSE Class 2 EVS chapter-wise Syllabus are listed below:

Lesson Number Content
Chapter 1
The invention of the Wheel
Chapter 2 Good Habits
Chapter 3
Means of Communication
Chapter 4 Clothes
Chapter 5
World Around Me
Chapter 6 Get To Know Me
Chapter 7
Understanding Directions
Chapter 8 Houses
Chapter 9
Services In Neighbourhood
Chapter 10 Time
Chapter 11
Air, Water, Food, Shelter
Chapter 12
Means of Transport
Chapter 13 Our Family

CBSE Class 2 EVS Syllabus 2022-23 Sample Question Papers

Students can make use of the following Environmental Science Sample Question Paper once they are done with the syllabus. By practising CBSE Class 2 EVS Sample Question Paper, students will be able to understand the question paper pattern and structure of questions.

The general objectives at Level-1 are:

  1. to build familiarity with the language primarily through spoken input in meaningful situations
    (teacher talk, listening to recorded material, etc.).
  2. to provide and monitor exposure to and comprehension of spoken, and spoken-andwritten inputs (through mother tongue, signs, visuals, pictures, sketches, gestures, single
    word questions/answers).
  3.  to help learners build a working proficiency in the language, especially with regard to listening
    with understanding and basic oral production (words/phrases, fragments of utterances,
    formulaic expressions as communicative devices).
  4. to recite and sing poems, songs and rhymes and enact small plays/skits
  5.  to use drawing and painting as precursors to writing and relate these activities to oral
  6. to become visually familiar with text [word(s)], what it means, and to notice its components letter (s) and the sound-values they stand for.
  7. to associate meaning with written/printed language.
    At the end of this stage learners should be able to
  8.  talk about themselves, members of the family and the people in their surroundings.
  9. follow simple instructions, requests and questions, and use formulaic expressions appropriately
  10. enjoy doing tasks (including singing a rhyme or identifying a person, object or thing) in
  11. recognise whole words or chunks of language
  12. recognise small and capital forms of the English alphabet both in context and in isolation
  13. read simple words/short sentences with the help of pictures and understand them
  14. write simple words/phrases/short sentences

CBSE Class 2 EVS Academic Calendar 2022-23

Name of the Chapter Month Conducting Examination
Chapter 1: The Invention of Wheel April
Chapter 2: Good habits May
Holiday June Summer vacation
Chapter 3: Means of July (2nd week) FA-1 (20 Marks)
Chapter 4: Communication Clothes
Chapter 5: World Around me August
Chapter 6: Get to know me
Chapter 7: Understanding Direction September (1st week) FA-2 (20 Marks)
Revision & half yearly exam October (3rd week) SA-1 (60 Marks)
Chapter 8: Houses November
Chapter 9: Services in the Neighbourhood
Chapter 10:  Time December (1st week) FA-3 (20 Marks)
Chapter 11: Air, Water, Food, Shelter
Chapter 12: Means of Transport January (4th week) FA-4 (20 Marks)
Chapter 13: Our Family February
Revision & Exam March (2nd week) SA-2 (60 Marks)

CBSE Class 2 Environmental Science Sample Question Paper

Q1) Fill in the blanks using the words given in the help box:
(Gujhiya, fruits, honey, sheep, Kerala, tailor)
a) We get ___________________________ from honeybees.
b) __________________________ gives us wool.
c) Flowers grow into _______________________________.
d) ____________________________ stitches clothes for us.
e) Onam is celebrated in __________________________________.
f) ___________________________ is made during the festival of Holi.

Q2) Tick (√) the correct answer
a) ________________ marks the victory of good over evil.
i. Holi ii. Dussehra iii. Onam
b) A person who catches thieves is a _______________.
i. Farmer ii. Tailor iii. Policeman
c) Tall and strong plants are called ________________.
i. Creepers ii. Climbers iii. Trees
d) __________ gives us milk.
i. Goat ii. Elephant iii. Horse

Q3) Circle the odd one
a) Cat, dog, cheetah, rabbit
b) Stems, bag, leaves, fruits
c) Crops, teacher, gardener, policeman
d) Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Cobbler

Q4) Match the following
a) Diwali cricketer
b) M.S Dhoni carries load for us
c) Herbs lights
d) Donkey green stem

Q5) Answer the following
a) Name any 2 festivals celebrated in India.

b) How is honey useful for us?

c) Write any 1 use of thorns for plants.

Q6) Name the following
a) One who makes wooden chairs and tables. ______________________
b) Two animals that gives us egg. ________________ ,
c) Festival of colours. _______________________
d) One who treats us when we are sick. _______________________
e) One woollen cloth that we get from wool. _______________________

Q7) Name the following :-
1. Father’s mother-__________________________
2. Uncle’s wife- _____________________________
3. Father’s brother- _________________________
4. Father’s father-___________________________

Q8) Complete the following sentences about yourself :
1. My name is __________________________.
2. I am a ______________________________. (boy / girl)
3. I am _________________________years old.
4. My favourite game is __________________.
5. I like to eat __________________________.
6. I _____________________ my family very much.

Q9) Name the following parts of a plant




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