AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 For 1st-9th Class APSCERT FA 4 Lessons

ఫార్మేటివ్‌ అసెస్‌మెంట్‌ -4 సిలబస్‌ | FA4 Exams for 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th Class will be Conducted from 9th to 14th March 2023. Following is the Syllabus of FA4 Exams. AP SA2 exams which are also known as Final Annual Examinations for the academic Year 2022-23 will be Organized during April 2023. With the FA-4 Exams, all Syllabus will be covered across the State.

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AP FA4 Exams will be conducted by AP SCERT. So the Syllabus also is decided by SCERT AP. In the Following Article we have given Complete Syllabus of Formative Assessment-IV Exams from 1st to 9th Class.

There will not be FA4 exams for 10th Class as prefinal Exams for AP SSC will be Conducted from March 6th. Here is the AP 10th Prefinal Time Table 2023.

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AP Formative Assessment 2022-2023 Syllabus

Name of the Exam Formative Assessment-4 Exams (FA4)
Organized by AP SCERT
State Andhra Pradesh
Exam Dates 09th to 14th March 2023
Category Syllabus
FA4 Exam Syllabus Status Available

AP FA4 Syllabus 2022-23

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 1st Class

Telugu 1.అమ్మబడి,
2.మేఘం చత్రం
3. పాఠశాల పండుగ
English Unit 7.2 Dancing Time
Unit-8 Calendar
8.1 Days of the week,8.2 Months of the Year
Maths Numbers (10 to 99)


AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 2nd Class

Telugu మొక్కజొన్న
అమ్మమ్మ గారిల్లు,
English Unit-7.B. My
Talking Car
Unit-8 Time (8.A. My Routine)
  • Share it
  • Shapes Around us
  • My Diary

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 3rd Class

Telugu మా ఊరి ఏరు,
English Unit7 The Lazy Grasshopper
Unit-8 King Sibi And the Dove
Maths Data Handling, Share equally, Shapes around us
EWS 9. Together With Everyone
10. Games And Recreation

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 4th Class

Telugu బారిష్టర్ పార్వతీశం,
రాజు కవి
English Unit-7 Birbal caught the thief
Unit-8 The Tree and the River
Maths Data Handling, fractions,
EWS 8. Transport
9. Communication

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 5th Class

Telugu ఇటీజ్ పండుగ
తరిగొండ వెంగమాంబ
English Unit-7 Kabaddi... Kabaddi… Kabaddi…
Unit-8 A Birthday Letter
Maths Geometry, Data Handling, fractions
EWS 9. Alert Today Alive Tomorrow
10. The Journey Of India For Freedom

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 6th Class

Telugu తిజట స్వప్నం,
బసవన్న, (ఎంత మంచి వారమయ్యా )
English 1. A Lesson for All

2. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Hindi 8. दो मित्र,
9. जन्म दिन
Maths Basic geometrical 2d 3d shapes,
practical geometry
General Science 9. Organisms & Habitat;
10. Basic Electric Circuits
11. Shadows & Images
Social Studies 10. Local self government,
11.Indian Languages and Religions
12.Towards equality
Telugu SL 11. సర్కస్ కుక్క
12. అత్త బహుమతి
3.కుందేలు  తెలివి
4. చందమామలో అవ్వ

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 7th Class

Telugu హితోక్తులు,
బాలచంద్రుని ప్రతిజ్ఞ (కోడిరామమూర్తి, ఉమర్ అలీషా), ఆంద్ర తిలక్
English 1. The Why Why girl

2. The Bond of Love

Hindi 1. सफलता का मंत्र,

12. कोंडापल्ली की
यात्रा, व्याकरणांश

Maths Algebraic expressions,
construction of triangles Area of plane figure
General Science 9. Heat, Temperature and Climate;
10. Changes Around us.
11. Fiibers and Fabrics
Social Studies 10.State Government,
11.Road safety
12. Markand around us.
Telugu SL  1. ఒక నది
2. చెట్టు సాక్ష్యం
3. మేటి బాలిక

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 8th Class

Telugu నాటి చదువు,
భువన విజయం,
[భాంగ్రా నృత్యం, కథాకళి, గుస్సాడీ)
English 1. A Short Monsoon Diary.
2. On the Grasshopper and Cricket (Poem)
3. The comet (SR)
4. The Great Stone Face The Comet – Il
Hindi 10. मधुर वाणी,
11. भाई का प्रेम,
12. जो देखकर
भी नहीं देखते,
Maths Exponents and power,Mensuration, Direct and
indirect proportion,
Biology 6. Conservation of plants and animals
7. Pollution of air and water
Social Studies History
8. Women’s caste and reform9.The Making of the National Movement
civics 9.Public facilities
10. Law and Social justice
Telugu SL 1.బాలవాఙ్మయం

2. వైజ్ఞానిక కబుర్లు

AP FA4 Syllabus 2023 for 9th Class

Telugu భూమి పుత్రుడు,
బతుకు పుస్తకం,
(భద్రిరాజు కృష్ణమూర్తి
గిడుగు వెంకట రామమూర్తి)
English 1. Disasters
2. Freedom
Hindi 10. अमर वाणी,
11. सुनीता
विलियम्स, 12.जागो ग्राहक
जागो, उपवाचक –
अपना स्थान स्वयं
Maths Areas
Biology 8. Challenges in Improving Agricultural Products
9. Adaptation in different Ecosystems
Social Studies 8. Service Actives in India

18. Impact of Colonialism in India,
19. Expansion of Democracy,20.Democracy- an Evolving

21.Human rights and Fundamental

22. Women Protection Acts

Telugu SL 1. నేను ఎల్లమ్మను
2. గాలిబ్ గీతాలు

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